Photo by Victoria Pendzick


Carol McGorry is a Professor of English at Suffolk County Community College, NY. Her documentary works, both photographic and written, have focused on the relationship between family, cultural traditions and craft. Her travels have taken her to: Rwanda, Guatemala, The Shetland Islands and Romania.


For the past three years, Carol has been engaged in documentary fieldwork in Rwanda. She has been collaborating with organizations and artisans in exploring themes around trauma and loss, memory and testimony from multiple perspectives relative to the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.  


Currently, she is in post-production of a multi-modal project involving these themes and collaborations as well as exploring new genres of media: theatre, dance, video, photography and prose. The initial expression of her project is rendered in a solo exhibition entitled, Reclamation: Twenty Years after the Rwandan Genocide. For exhibit locations please visit the Exhibition Page.